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When I began photographing horse racing I instantly fell in love with the riders, particularly riders in the Steeplechase races. While I love the horses and the beautiful grass courses the riders held a particular attraction for me.

For me the riders provide a sense of awe, these knights of the Steeplechase who risk life and limb racing over grass courses aboard these mighty magestic animals, timber fences and natural fences all to the cheers of the crowd seemed almost gladiator like in their undertaking and I found myself drawn to photographing them and learning about them and the challenging sport of steeplechase racing. I love most equestrian events however the Steeplechase and the riders who compete in it are my favorite by far.

This website is a tribute page, consisting of a collection of some of my favorite shots from this year of some of the greatest riders and athletes I've ever had the privilege to photograph. In here you will find not al of thel riders, just the ones of whom I've had the good fortune to photograph and even meet, and who left the most impact and impression on me.

Each photographer has their own style and method, and it doesn't become us to say ne is better than the other, it is just a matter of who's perspective and style you find as a view appealing. For me I photograph these men and women bigger than life, as that is how they appear to me. They always have been. Ever since I was a boy and snuck into the flats and trotters tracks at Laurel back in the 70s, and in the 80s when I worked as a hot walker and stable boy at San Anita, to the first time I walked onto a Steeplechase track at Glenwood Park. But out of all of it the Steeplechase became my instant favorite. Darren Nagle, Barry John Foley, Gerard Galligan, Sean McDermott, Ross Geraghty, Paddy Young, Jeff Murphy, Keri Wolfsont, Kieran Norris, Willie McCarthy, Brendan Crowley, Bethany Baumgardner and more. All riders who I have come to respect and admire and who's riding has thrilled me and thousands over the year, all appearing in no particular order or ranking, just riders who have left an impression on me for one reason or another. Larger than life.

. - Chris Weber CoursePhotographer

All photographs are property and Copyrighted by Chris Weber and Chris Weber Studios. Use is permitted with linkback and credit. Commercial use licenses available for purchase at collections.chrisweberstudios.com

Above photos of me by Valerie Durbon Photography